Post Doctorate Completed

  1. Professor Dr. Olugbenga Solomon Bello (2011). Synthesis of activated carbon and carbon molecular sieve.

Ph.D. Student Graduated/Completed

  1. Nasehir Khan E.M. Yahaya (2011).  Production of rice husk activated carbon for improving urban dry weather flow quality at Sungai Pinang basin.
  2. Manase Auta (2013). Preparation, characterization and adsorption performance of functionalized activated carbon, clay and chitosan-based composite adsorbents for acid, basic and reactive dyes.
  3. Ahmed Daham Wiheeb (2013). Continuous direct oxidation of H2S into elemental sulphur using inorganic membrane.
  4. Tamer Mousa Alslaibi (2014). Heavy metals removal from synthetic wastewater using microwave irradiated and thermally heated olive stones activated carbons.
  5. Azam Taufik Mohd Din (2014). Ordered mesoporous carbons and its alginate composite adsorbents: Syntheses, characterizations and adsorption performances for methylene blue, chloramphenicol and riboflavin.
  6. Wan Nurul Huda Wan Zainal (2015). Carbon membranes derived from polymer blend of polyetherimide and polyethlene glycol for gas separation.
  7. Muhd Nazmi Ismail (2015). Development of biomass-based activated carbons for adsorptive removal of dyes from synthetic wastewater whereas color and COD reduction from a real textile industry effluent.
  8. Muhammad Azan Tamar Jaya (2017). Development of hollow fiber carbon membranes from poly(P-phenylene oxide) for gas separation.
  9. Mohamad Firdaus Mohamad Yusop (2018). Synthesis of activated carbon from hard wood by microwave heating for dyes removal.
  10. Muhamad Faizal Pakir Mohamed Latiff (2018). Adsorption studies of heavy metals on activated carbon prepared from agricultural waste.

M.Sc. Students Graduated/Completed

  1. Wan Nurul Huda Wan Zainal (2009). Adsorption of basic dyes on cocoa pod husk based activated carbon (CPHAC): Equilibrium, kinetics and mechanism studies.
  2. Rasyidah Alrozi (2010). Preparation of activated carbon from tropical fruit wastes for the removal of  basic and reactive dyes.
  3. Nor Khonisah Daud (2010). Fenton-like oxidation of acid and reactive dyes using natural materials supported catalysts.
  4. Hasnal Koris (2011). Synthesis of supported carbon molecular sieve membrane from phenolic resin crosslink with polyvinyl alcohol for gas permeation study.
  5. Noor Khalilah Abdul Rashid (2011). Synthesis, characterization and optimization of supported carbon molecular sieve membranes from polyetherimide.
  6. Wan Mohd Hafiz Faisal Wan Harun (2011). Preparation and characterization of carbon molecular sieve membrane from polyfurfuryl alcohol.
  7. Mohamad Anuar Kamarudin (2011). Development of durian peel activated carbon for the removal of COD and colour from semi-aerobic landfill leachate.
  8. Nur Ayshah Rosli (2012). Production of activated carbon from pineapple peel and pomelo peel for dyes removal: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
  9. Norhidayah Ahmad (2013). Synthesis of agrowaste based activated carbon by physiochemical activation for dyes removal: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
  10. Mohamad Firdaus Mohamad Yusop (2013). Activated carbon for malachite green and remazol brilliant blue R dyes removal: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
  11. Kiasatina Azmi (2013).  Dielectric properties of mixing palm oil with soybean oil as potential insulating fluid in transformer.
  12. Nur Azreen Ahmad Puad (2013). Activated carbon prepared from punica granatum peel microwave assisted KOH activation for the dyes adsorption.
  13. Nur Syahidah Afandi (2014). Activated carbon from musk lime peel and rambutan seed for dyes removal.
  14. Nga Eng Yew (2014). Agrowaste based carbon adsorbent for dyes removal: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
  15. Tan Yee Ling (2014). Fixed bed adsorption of carbon dioxide on modified coconut shell granular activated carbon.
  16. Shahreen Izwan Anthonysamy (2015). Functionalized adsorbent from biomass for dyes removal: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
  17. Nur Izzatul Akmal Mohd Zaki (2015). Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic of dyes adsorption on biomass based activated carbon.
  18. Siti Zawiyah Baharom: Activated carbon from agrowaste prepared via microwave irradiated for dye removal.
  19. Mohamad Nasran Nasehir Khan (2018). Activated carbon from tamarind seed and jackfruit seed prepared via microwave irradiated for dye removal.
  20. Siti Ruqayyah Ab Hamid (2018). Synthesis of activated carbon via microwave heating for dyes removal.
  21. Mohamed Fadhil Mohamed Vaisul (2018). Activated carbon from lemon peel and mangosteen peel for dyes removal.
  22. Muhammad Aswar Md. Eusoff (2018). Dyes adsorption by dragon fruit peel and pomegranate fruit peel wastes based microwave-assisted activated carbon.

Current Ph.D. Research Students

  1. Mohamad Nasran Nasehir Khan: Development of low-cost adsorbent for EDC removal in urban wastewater effluent.
  2. Azduwin Binti Khasri. Heavy metals adsorption on microwaveassisted pyrolysis and activation of waste sawdust.
  3. Anis Atikah Ahmad. Removal of dye from gasified  grass.
  4. Norhidayah Ahmad. Removal of NOx by selective catalytic reduction over modified oil palm by-products.

Current M.Sc. Research Students