Thesis Examiner

External PhD

  1. Aziatul Niza Sadikin (2014), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Chitosan-filled filter media from lignocellulosic biomass.
  2. Umar Mukhtar Baba (2014), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Adsorption of carbon dioxide and methane on alkali metal exchanged silicoaluminiphosphate.
  3. Khairiraihanna Johari (2015), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Synthesis and characterization of coconut husk adsorbents for elemental mercury removal from gas streams.
  4. Nur Hidayatul Nazirah Kamarudin (2015), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Tailoring the mesoporous silica nanoparticle for ibuprofen loading and release in drug delivery system.
  5. Alina Rahayu Mohamed (2015), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Catalytic pyrolysis of empty fruit bunch (EFB) using metal oxide based catalysts.
  6. Nur Farhana Jaafar (2015), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Electrogenerated metallic silver supported on microwave-synthesized mesoporous titania nanoparticles for photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol.
  7. Nur Fatien Muhamad Salleh (2015), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Synthesis of nickel, cobalt and iron supported on Al2O3 composites for removal of palladium ion from aqueous solution.
  8. Adil Hatem Rashid (2015), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Pervaporation of butanol/water mixtures using PVDF/DES functionalised membranes.
  9. Anis Farhana Abdul Rahman (2016),Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Synthesis of titania supported on mesostructured silica nanoparticles for photocatalytic decolorization of congo red.
  10. Adilah Anuar (2016), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Optimization of bioethanol production by using hydroxyapatite as saccaromyces cerevisiae immobiliser.
  11. Ahmed Abdulwahid Ali Almarie (2017), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Allelopathic potential of essential oils isolated from local plants on common weeds found in Malaysian croplands.
  12. Parisa Amouzgar (2017),Monash University: Effect of physically and chemically modified chitosan-nano activated carbon (Cs-NAC) beads fabricated via extrusion dripping technique on removal of acetaminophen from water.
  13. Dalila Nasshorudin (2017), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: The novel green extraction of essential oil for quality pharmaceutical products.
  14. Noor Shazliana Aizee Abidin (2018), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Noodle fortification with mangifera indica Cv Perlis sunshine mango peel flour treated with atmospheric cold plasma for shelf-life extension.
  15. Siti Aminah Md Ali (2018), Universiti Teknologi MARA: Synthesis of silica supported bimetallic oxide (NiCo) catalyst for CO2 methanation.
  16. Marjan Farnam (2018), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Development of polymeric blend mixed matrix membranes for carbon dioxide separation from methane.
  17. Ahmad Huzaifah Mohd Yusoff (2018), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Magnetite-Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles functionalized with catechin for cancer treatment.
  18. Siti Fatimah Zahra Mohd Sarif (2018), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Catalytic ozonation for disintegration and solubilisation of return activated sludge.
  19. Nor Adilla Rashidi (2019), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Single-step activation for higher activated carbon yield for post-combustion CO2 adsorption.

External MSc

  1. Mohammad Jakir Hossain Khan (2010), International Islamic University: Immobilization of activated carbon on fungal biomass for decolorization of textile mill wastewater, .
  2. Nor Adilla Rashidi (2013), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Development of agro-waste based activated carbon for carbon dioxide capture.
  3. Nurul Syafiqin Mohamad Shah (2013), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Characterization of raw and functionalized CNF for adsorption of lead and chromium, .
  4. Syuhaidah Rahmam (2014), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Optimization of modified and functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes for carbon dioxide adsorption.
  5. Saima Khan (2014), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Extraction of phenolic compound from nephellium lappoceum leaves for the treatment of diabetes.
  6. Hazirah Abd Hamid (2015), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Combination of low pressure steam heating and dilute acid pretreatment of palm biomass for fermentable sugar production.
  7. Farah Aimi Fuadli (2015), Universiti Teknologi MARA: Char-supported nickel and cobalt catalysts for the steam reforming of toluene as a biomass tar model compound.
  8. Nur Hidayah Azmi (2016), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Production, characterization and modification of sea mango (Cerbera odollam) based activated carbon fro CO2 adsorption.
  9. Nur Farahhin Jais (2016), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus L.) as adsorptive gas storage material.
  10. Ricky Lee Nyuk San (2016), Universiti Malaysia Sabah: Ammonia-Nitrogen removal from urban drainage using modified EFB.
  11. Mohammed Riyadh Mohammed Al-Ani (2016), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities from leaves and roots of elephantopus scaber L. extracted using different solvents.
  12. Nurfatirah Nordin (2016), Universiti Malaysia Perlis. The effect of calcium oxide (CaO) catalyst from waste seashell using fixed bed reactor for bio-oil production in empty fruit bunch (EFB).
  13. Mohammad Amir Firdaus Mazlan (2016), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Pirolysis of rubber wood sawdust for bioenergy and biochemical.
  14. Husna Mohd Zin (2017), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Gases breakthrough adsorption isotherm on activated carbon of porous synthesized renewable material.
  15. Siti Balqis Mohd Najib (2017), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Separation of carbon dioxide using emulsion liquid membrane containing methldiethanolamine and 2-amino-2methyl-1-propanol.
  16. Fered Saadoon Abdullah Al-Habeeb (2017), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Quality improvement of arabic bread fortified with omega-3 Pufa and jackfruit using superheated steam technique.
  17. Shafferina Dayana Anuar Sharuddin (2017), Universiti Malaya: Study of pyrolysis oil of non-recycled plastics (NRP) waste: Characterization, upgrading and predictive modelling.
  18. Lija Yusof (2017), Universiti Malaysia Sabah: Ammonia – nitrogen removal from aqueos solution using jackfruit seed.
  19. Norakmalah Mohd Zawawi (2017), Universiti Teknologi MARA: Chemical activation of bamboo activated carbon (BAC) based on microwave-ultrasonic activation for supercapacitor application.
  20. Rosmawanie Mohd Radzuan (2017), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia: Efficiency of natural coagulants for treatment of public market wastewater by treatment system.
  21. Nazirah Abd Rahman (2017), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Optimization of gasoline production from gas condensation by response surface methodology.
  22. Ma Umaira Suhaddha Zainal Abidin (2017), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Removal of Amines from Wastewater using Membrane Separation Processes.
  23. Trinh Thi Hoai Huong (2018), Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Ultrasonic assisted biodiesel production from rubber seed oil.
  24. Ya Mohammad Nazir Syah Ismail (2018), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Synthesis and characterization of palm oil empty fruit bunch based activated carbon for post treatment of landfill leachate.
  25. Ellisa Hamdan (2018), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia: Supercapacitor electrod based on additive graphene material in the pre-carbonization material from date pits (DP) and fibers of oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFB).
  26. Ainatul Alia Allias (2018), Universiti Malaysia Perlis: Biochar from rice husk and ricestraw.
  27. Siti Aishah Mohd Ali (2018), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Formulation of ginger essential oil and factors affecting particle size.
  28. Zarith Asyikin Abdul Aziz (2018), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Transdermal Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil-loaded miccellar nanoparticle in nanoemulsion system: Formulation, characterizations and analgesic evaluation.
  29. Muhammad Asyiq Azman (2018), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Synthesis and utilization of cyclodextrin modified chitosan for the adsorption of aspirin.
  30. Fatin Amirah Ramzi (2018), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Removal of reactive dyes using new biodegradable modified chitosan-pandan adsorbent.

Internal PhD

  1. Mohammed J.K. Bashir (2010), Removal of colour, COD and NH3-N from landfill leachate using anioinic and cationic resin.
  2. Jasseem Mohammed Salman (2010), Adsorption of pesticides 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, benzaton and carbofuran by mesoporous activated carbon prepared from agricultural waste.
  3. Abdulbari Abdul Rahman (2010), Preparation and characterization of mesoporous activated carbons from bamboo and rattan waste for colour and COD removal.
  4. Foo Keng Yuen (2012), Preparation and characterization of agricultural waste activated carbons by microwave-induced chemical activation for methylene blue adsorption.
  5. Mohammad Ayoub (2013), Synthesis and characterization of lithium-modified mesoporous catalyst for solvent-free selective oligomerization of glycerol to diglycerol.
  6. Ali Sabri Badday (2013), Transesterification of crude jatropha oil by ultrasound assisted process in the presence of heteropoly acid based catalysts.
  7. Sharmiwati Mohammed Sharif (2014), Development of porous ceramic sponge as catalyst support for hydrotalcite in the production of biodiesel.
  8. Teow Yeit Haan (2014), Preparation of mixed-matrix membrane with antifouling and defouling properties for humic acid removal.
  9. Sahena Ferdosh (2014), Extraction and fractionation of fish oil from tuna wastes using supercritical carbon dioxide.
  10. Zahra Gholami (2014), Synthesis and characterization of supported and unsupported Ca based catalyst for the selective etherification of glycerol to diglycerol.
  11. Harith Noori Mohamed (2014), Superhydrophobic polymeric hollow fiber membrane contractors for CO2 adsorption.
  12. Zeinab Abbas Jawad (2014), Functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotube/cellulose acetate mixed for CO2/N2 separation.
  13. Siti Salwa Hashim (2014), Preparation, characterization and permeation studies of CuO and TiO2-Doped La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2 Fe0.8O3-δ mixed ionic-electronic conducting ceramic membrane for oxygen separation from air.
  14. Amin Mojiri (2014), Co-Treatment of landfill leachate and domestic wastewater using “Zeliac” augmented sequencing batch reactor (SB) process.
  15. Lee Ting (2015), Synthesis of nanoporous activated carbon fibre from empty fruit bunch fibre for methane gas adsorption.
  16. Ong Yit Thai (2015), Synthesis of buckypaper supported ionic liquid membrane for pervaporation process.
  17. Shuit Siew Hoong (2015), Studies on the sulfonated carbon nanotubes catalyst and membrane reactor for biodiesel production.
  18. Henry Foo Chee Yew (2015), Experimental studies and modeling of CaO based nanomaterials for CO2 adsorption.
  19. Mohamad Anuar Kamaruddin (2015), Development of carbon mineral composite adsorbent for textile wastewater treatment.
  20. Ong Pek Ling (2015), Effect of hydrogen peroxide and lead nitrate in the cyanidation leaching of low grade gold ores.
  21. Oluwakemi Kehinde Fagbenro (2015), Removal of color, suspended solids and COD from textile wastewater using clinoptilolite and persulfate.
  22. Norhusna Mohamad Nor (2015), Modification of N-modified palm shell activated carbon via microwave heating for H2S removal from POME biogas.
  23. Mohammadtaghi Vakili (2015), Preparation, characterization and adsorption performance of hexadecylamine and 3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane modified chitosan beads for reactive dyes wastewater treatment.
  24. Nur Shaylinda Mohd Zin (2015), Partially stabilized leachate treatment using prehydrolyzed iron and tapioca starch as a composite coagulant.
  25. Ng Qi Hwa (2016), Magnetophoretic augmented composite membranes in removal of organic foulant through magnetic actuation.
  26. Mohd Hizami Mohd Yusoff (2016), Synthesis and characterization of sulfated zirconia supported on SBA-15 for selective glicerol esterification with palmitic acid to monopalmitin.
  27. Nur Azimah Jamalludin (2016), Synthesis and characterization of mesocellular foam incorporated with transition metals as catalysts for the degradation of azo dyes.
  28. Yee Kian Fei (2016), Studies of multi-walled carbon nanotubes as pervaporation buckypaper membranes and catalysts for etherification reaction.
  29. Sariyah Mahdzir (2016), Study on adsorption of dyes containing wastewater using RHA/CFA sorbent.
  30. Yanna Syamsuddin (2016), Synthesis, characterization and catalyst activity of CaO-based catalysts in transesterification of non-edible and waste cooking oils into glycerol-free fatty acid methyl ester.
  31. Nurazim Ibrahim (2016), Removal of natural organic matter and bio-colloids in river bank filtration using zeliac composite adsorbent.
  32. Norhaslinda Nasuha (2017), Preparation and characterization of efficient and reusable iron-based silica oxide catalysts for dark, UV and visible light assisted fenton like degradation of reactive black 5, acid blue 29 and methylene blue.
  33. Mohd Khairul Nizam Mohd Zuhan (2017), Synthesis of large area graphene flake via chemical vapor deposition using copper catalyst and methane.
  34. Kabir Garba (2017), Thermal and catalystic pyrolysis of lignocellulosic oil palm waste using zeolite and hydroxyapatite based catalyst.
  35. Ahmad Jaril Asis (2017), Palm oil mill effluent tertiary treatment using ferrous sulphate.
  36. Nur Atiqah Ahmad Awalluddin (2017), Treatment of arowana aquaculture wastewater using sand activated carbon & zeolite in a horizontal prototype model.
  37. Ali Lawan Yaumi (2017), Nitrogen containing nanoporous activated carbon derived from seaweed and agricultural waste for efficient carbon dioxide adsorption.
  38. Tan Yee Ling (2018), Non-catalytic and catalytic fast pyrolysis pf lignocellulosic biomass into bio-oil over aluminosilicate based catalysts.
  39. Nur Aziemah Abd Rashid (2018), Artificial barrier for enhancing the removal of escherichia coli in riverbank filtration.
  40. Maheera Mahamad (2018), Enhancement of landfill daily cover performance using mixture of local soil and agricultural waste.
  41. Aizuddin Abdul Rahman (2018), Impak pra-rawatan air pencucian terhadap produk pirolisis sisa kelapa sawit sebagai campuran briket berasaskan arang.
  42. Ooi Chee Heong (2018), p-Cresol adsorption and hemocompatibility study on nanoporous hydroxyapatite.
  43. Syahida Farhan Azha (2019), Synthesis, characterization and interaction evaluation of Zwitterionic composite adsorbent coating for cationic and anionic dyes removal.
  44. Nor Aini Ahmad (2019), CO2 removal using polyvinylidene fluoride membrane in membrane gas absorption: Effects of polymer blend, zeolite nanoparticle and silane modification.
  45. Norhaziyana Hamzah (2019), Synthesis, modification and characterization of superhydrophobic PVDF-nanoparticles membrane for membrane distillation of phenolic rich solution.

Internal MSc

  1. Sariyah MahdzirNurulhuda Amri (2008), Preparation of activated carbons from pyrolysis of waste tyres impregnated with potassium hydroxide and carbon dioxide gasification.
  2. Dalia Kh. Mahmoud (2008), Agricultural by-products as low cost adsorbents: Batch adsorption of methylene blue.
  3. Farra Wahida Shaarani (2010), Adsorption of methylene blue and 2,4-dichlorophenol onto modified activated carbons prepared from agricultural waste.
  4. Chiu Han Chan (2011), Biosorption of methylene green by pycnoporus sanguineus: Batch and column studies.
  5. Norhaslinda Nasuha (2011), Adsorption of methylene blue onto chemically modified factory rejected tea in batch and fixed-bed systems.
  6. Ili Khairunnisa Shamsudin (2012), Characterization and analysis of hydrotalcite materials prepared from combustion, sol-gel and co-precipitation technique.
  7. Nor Munirah Che Othman (2012), Development and characterization of catalyst for meso/micro scale combustor
  8. Ooi Chee Heong (2014), Urea adsorption by nanoporous activated carbon derived from empty fruit bunch and palm kernel shell.
  9. Syahida Farhan Azha (2014), Characterization and performance evaluation on adsorbent coating layer application for colour removal.
  10. Tuan Syahiira Tuan Zarawi (2016), Removal of methylene blue by bentonite based adsorbent film: Characterizations, performances and adsorption studies.
  11. Amirul Islah Nazri (2016), Recovery of gold from electronic waste through non-cyanide based electroposition technique.
  12. Nur Nadia Ab Kadir (2016), Investigation on water softening using modified bentonite absorbent coating.
  13. Kanan Shikhaliyev (2017), Nitrogen-containing porous carbons as highly active catalysts for the synthesis of glycerol carbonate from glycerol and dimethyl carbonate.
  14. Muhammad Hazim Yaacob (2017), Selective conversion of glycerol to lactic acid using CaO/NiO mixed oxide catalyst.
  15. Tan Sei Ling (2018), Synthesis of sorbents for CO2 capture from biogenesis calcium wastes.
  16. Yasmin Syafikah Razali (2018), Recovery of acetic and butyric acids from fermented leachate by various extraction methods.

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  1. Iranica Journal of Energy & Environment / BUT

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  1. Elsevier (Colloids and Surfaces A; Desalination; Fuel Processing Technology; Chemical Engineering Journal; Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering; Journal of Water Process Engineering;Bioresource Technology; Journal of Hazardous; Materials Materials Science and Engineering B)
  2. Wiley InterScience (Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology; Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering; Chemical Engineering & Technology)
  3. Springer (Journal of Materials Science; Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology; The Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering)
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  9. European Desalination Society (Desalination and Water Treatment)
  10. Tuiasi (Environmental Engineering and Management Journal)
  11. International Solid Waste Association (Waste Management & Research)
  12. MPOB (Journal of Oil Palm Research)

Research Grant Assessor

  1. High Impact Research Proposal / Universiti Malaya
  2. Malaysia Laboratories for academia-business collaboration (MyLAB) / JPT
  3. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme / USM & Agencies
  4. Knowledge Transfer Programme Grant / USM
  5. ScienceFund Research Grant / USM
  6. Short Term Grant / USM
  7. Trans Disciplinary Research Grant Scheme (TRGS) / USM
  8. Swinburne University of Technology